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foti root

HE SHOU WU (Foti Root)

If you don’t take control of your health, it will take control of you. And that’s evident in people who have always ignored their well being. One thing we know is that traditional herbal medicine tends to be more effective than conventional medicine that people use today. Herbal medicine, especially of the Chinese origin is very effective in both prevention and treatment of medical conditions that affect the population today. In fact, if 90% of the world’s population used herbal medicine, then we wouldn’t witness some medical conditions we see today, right?

Well, if you agree, then here’s your secret to an all-round health. You need your body to work just like it was intended to. But you can’t keep feeding it with chemicals purported to be medicine, the kind of pills you get in the Chemists. After all, their effects are only short term, and most of them don’t guarantee full recovery after treatment.

Foti root (also known as He Shou Wu) is an ancient Chinese herbal medicine that was first used by a Chinese herbalist known as ”Mr. He” to restore the color of his hair, enhance his youthful appearance and restore his vitality. Today, he is the force behind the idea of using foti root to heal various health conditions.

This is one type of herbal supplement that offers a vast array of health benefits you can’t ignore. In fact, Foti Root has been used to treat kidney and liver problems since time immemorial.

Studies also show that Foti root provides relief to people suffering from constipation, Atherosclerosis, Insomnia, Erectile dysfunction, premature aging, Alzheimer’s disease, and even graying.


  • Effective Against Graying.
  • Enhances Hair Growth.
  • Keeping Healthy Arteries.
  • Improves Cognitive Abilities.
  • Reduces Atherosclerosis.


My hair was going more and more gray in my 30s and thanks to your product it began to to grow back in my natural color. I got back my self-confidence and my wife adores me. Thanks!

– Michael Berg, United Kingdom


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