Improve Your Hair Health, Increase Energy And Enhance Your Sexual Vigor!

Benefits of Foti Root (He Shou Wu)

Studies also show that Foti root provides relief to people suffering from constipation, Atherosclerosis, Insomnia, Erectile dysfunction, premature aging, Alzheimer’s disease, and even graying.

There are credible reports to indicate that foti root enhances Immune function so that individuals are able to naturally protect themselves from diseases.

If you’re one of those individuals who have lost hope on various hair products that promise to restore your natural hair color, perhaps it’s time you start using He Shou Wu (latin name: Polygonum multiflorum). It’s time you stop wasting money on things that don’t bring results you badly want.

Interesting facts about Foti root

It’s reported that a certain Chinese herbalist called Chung Yun lived for 256 years. It is believed that he used Foti roots everyday, and that’s why he lived that long. Furthermore, he had 24 wives, a sign that foti root improves sexual prowess.

Chung Yun and the legendary Mr. He are a remarkable example of what this herb is capable of doing. Just in case you doubt, modern research has also been in the forefront to determine whether or not foti root is effective in treating the diseases that people credit it for.

It has been reported that this herb contains an alkaloid that rejuvenates the nerves, endocrine glands and even the brain. It also stimulates the adrenal glands and detoxifies the body of harmful waste. When this rejuvenation occurs, the end result is good hair health, sexual vigor and many other health benefits.

Why individuals might live longer when they consume foti root?

He shou wu was first tested in animals and they lived longer than some of their counterparts who were bred in a controlled environment. Perhaps that’s the reason why Chung Yun lived for 256 years. That’s why you’re also likely to live longer assuming everything is constant and you take foti root throughout your life.

This supplement is aggressive in fighting and curing diseases that you may have lived with for a long time. That makes it an excellent option for those who want to take care of their health just like we mentioned above.

Furthermore, claims that He Shou Wu is effective in boosting sexual stamina is not empty talk. Some users have reported that their sexual vigor was restored when they started using it. They reported how their sperm quality was enhanced when they adopted a routine of using He Shou Wu. Such effects make all of us believe that this herb is the ultimate answer for couples who are having trouble in procreating.